I'm a designer who focuses on architecture, education, and the environment. Behind a lot of my work is a drive to understand how space and design shape how we learn, how we gather in community, how we interact with the natural world, and how we conceive of ourselves and our relationship to the natural world. To that end, I double majored at Yale in Architecture with a concentration in Urban Studies, and Environmental Studies with a concentration in the Environmental Humanities and Environmental Education, and much of my work in those programs centered around questions of space, community, and learning. Last year, I wrote a 150 page Architecture thesis called "Learning Place" in which I looked at the ways in which education can be more integrally related to community, public space, and nature through architectural and urban design in order to promote interdisciplinary and place-based learning, to enhance community cohesion and resilience, and to uphold values of social and ecological justice. Building on that work, this year I wrote an Environmental Studies senior project called "Living Space," which applies the principles I formed in Learning Place at the scale of the city, through place-based urban design and architecture. I also spend a lot of time working on smaller design projects, and especially enjoy work that forces me to learn a new skill or medium. So far I've worked in architectural and urban design, graphic design, lighting, interior design, set design, projection design, shadow puppets, weaving, illustration, and creative writing. A few of my favorite projects can be found in my portfolio, which is updated frequently with new work.
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